Sebastian Callh Joins Idea Hunt for the Summer

Idea Hunt Receives a Boost from Our newest Developer

Idea Hunt Developers Get a Boost

From our newest summer addition

Idea Hunt is growing and now able to offer more updates and more new functionality than ever, due to some brand new developers joining our team this year.  This summer, we are thrilled to have the help of a talented young developer, Sebastian Callh.  Originally from Örebro, Sebastian is a recent graduate of Linköping University, where he has achieved a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science.  With Sebastian on the Idea Hunt team this summer, he’ll be able to utilize a number of different skills, benefiting both the platform and our customers.

During his tenure with Idea Hunt, Sebastian is working hard to put in place additional testing methods and protocols to help ensure that our custom platforms offer the highest level of customer service and support possible.  Working alongside CEO Elia Morling, Lead Developers Linus Andersson and Anton Hedstrom in the Linköping office, Sebastian Callh has been improving the code structure by harmonizing the database access, and model definitions. Callh has also been consolidating our internal API controllers and reduced a lot of cognitive load while developing to improve maintainability. While doing that he has also been hard at work to increase the overall test coverage of the product to ensure stability.

After this summer, Callh plans to return to Linköping University to pursue his masters in in computer science specialized in artificial intelligence and machine learning.  In two short years time, we will be looking forward to the many exciting projects Sebastian Callh will impact with his knowledge and expertise in this burgeoning field.  You can see more of Sebastian’s expertise and experience here.

Making Platform Moderation Even More Versatile

New Functionality: Private Feedback on Ideas

Making Platform Moderation Even More Versatile

In the July development sprint, Idea Hunt has deployed the ability for Idea Hunt platform administrators to provide feedback, privately.  While the Idea Hunt innovation and ideation platforms are built to foster collaboration through public feedback, offered by admins and fellow users, there are times and instances where administrators might wish to provide feedback privately.  


Moderation of your innovation platform, your direct line of communication between your team members and even your customers, is imperative.  With Idea Hunt, moderation is easy and requires little time and effort, allowing you to shift your focus back to successfully implementing your new innovations.


Through Private Feedback, Platform Administrators Can Now:

  • Ask questions
  • Suggest improvements
  • Remind users about rules, topics, goals and more
  • Discuss further actions and next steps


This new feature is an option within the administrative panel and can be managed with a simple click.


re-thinking the Innovation Process with Idea Hunt

Re-thinking Innovation – the Keys for Successful Innovation Projects

Re-Thinking Innovation

Keys for Successful Innovation Projects

Just for a moment – let’s try a quick exercise together.  Close your eyes, and imagine an innovation project or challenge…
What comes to mind?

There’s a pretty good chance that you picture a group of enthusiastic people gathered together, creatively brainstorming a list of new ideas.  You may or may not have envisioned large pads of paper, white boards or even post-it notes as the recording method of choice. You may have even dreamed up exercises, toys and/or food to stimulate creativity and jumpstart the idea creation process.  After all, this is what innovation has come to look like for many companies – the emphasis placed on the idea generation process.  


Ideation is and should be fun, it’s one of the reasons that we designed and built our custom Idea Hunt platform.  But ideation, is one part of the process.  There are steps that should come before and after this phase.  All too often, we want to jump right into the ideation, because it’s the most exciting part.  


Back It Up a Step

Before you bring together a team, and set them loose on an innovation project, it’s important to construct a framework.  With Idea Hunt, we call this the “Creative Brief”.  This is an important first step of the innovation project.  To formulate the Creative Brief, there are a number of key parts that you should formulate.


Parts of the Creative Brief:

  1. Title – Gives people a quick idea of what the project is all about, helps you refer to the project as work towards its completion and serves as a historical reference.
  2. Photo – many people are visual learners, and providing them with a visual conceptualization of the project will help spark their creativity.
  3. Specific description of the project that includes the desired outcome
  4. Coaches or admins – resources that can answer questions and provide guidance.


Ideation and Curation

Whether you believe that there is no such thing as a bad idea or not, there are ideas that are off topic, or distract from the goal of the project.  Constructing a descriptive creative brief will help to discourage these ideas from your participants, but you will need a project manager or administrator, someone we call a coach, to moderate the ideas during this phase of the project.

The person you choose to be your coach for the innovation project is important.  A positive yet constructive coach that can identify an idea with potential and encourage the group to cultivate it is crucial.  If your coach is too negative when distracting or detracting ideas creep up, you might potentially stifle one of your ideators.

After some length of time, you’ll want to close the call for new ideas and encourage your participants to vote for, or provide feedback on, the ideas that they think have the potential to become a fully fledged product, service, policy, procedure, etc..



The nitty, gritty phase, where most innovation projects fail, is the implementation phase of the project. As we stated before, because the ideation and curation phase is more exciting, this phase often receives the emphasis.

Many projects fail during the implementation phase because of project management.  You need to put together a team with different skills, to make sure that the idea selected from the previous phase is completely thought out, planned and implemented in the most efficient and effective way possible.  

This phase is often too short or too long.  Products are taken to market too soon, causing them to miss key features and functionality that consumers deem important.  Take Nest for example, the automated home thermostat system.  Nest was not the first automated thermostat, but it had features and functionality that set it apart from its competitors, including a sleek and modern design that was unique.  Nest was much more expensive than many of the other automated and programmable options on the market, but the options, the features and benefits that it provided, made it a home run with consumers.


Adding custom pages to your idea hunt platform

Add Custom Pages to Your Idea Hunt Platform!

Customize Your Idea Hunt Platform with Our CMS Capabilities

Idea Hunt has recently added the capabilities of a Content Management System


Our already customizable solutions is now even more versatile. With the recently added Content Management System (CMS) capabilities, you can now add custom pages to your unique innovation platform. With our CMS, adding pages is fast and easy to do. You can use the same markdown language, as you have experienced in creative brief of your individual hunts on the platform, to customize and edit your custom pages.  


To add a new page to your Idea Hunt innovation platform, log into your platform and access the admin panel.

From the menu on the left hand side of the screen, select “Pages” from the Content section.

Add your page title and content.  If you need help editing the markdown language for your page, we have created a help section here.  


To finish creating your new page, add a meta description and click save.


View the rest of the help articles for adding and editing pages here.

Adding your own custom pages is a great way to provide your users with beneficial information.  Whether you are connecting with your internal team members on the platform, or opening up direct lines of communication with your customers, the more information that you can share, the better.  Create FAQ pages, Tips and How To pages for entering contests or submitting the best ideas, and more.

Maggie of Idea Hunt Closing the 2017 Create Festival

Creatively Casting Votes, Idea Hunt hosts CREATE Festival Voting

Creatively Casting Votes 

Idea Hunt had the pleasure of facilitating the votes for CREATE Festival 2017

Idea Hunt Hosts Awards CREATE Festival 2017

Idea Hunt had the pleasure of facilitating the voting for the People’s Choice Awards at this year’s CREATE Festival at the August Wilson Center on June 1st.  The event was packed full of presentations, exhibitions, vendors and awards and it was so much fun to be a part of something like this.

A couple of months before the CREATE Festival, we were speaking to the Pittsburgh Technology Council, who runs the one day creative awards and arts festival, and how we might be able to help sponsor the event.  After explaining the many different ways that the Idea Hunt Open Innovation platform can be utilized, the idea of using it to cast and count votes for the different award entries emerged as a perfect fit!

From there we worked to set everything up and get all of the parameters perfectly in place, and then we opened up the platform to the contestants.  All kinds of incredible entries were submitted in the different categories for things like gaming and education, design and making, communications, creative arts, etc.  It was a pleasure to meet the different contestants and aide them in getting their submissions completed before the voting opened up.  

The voting process was phenomenal.  There were so many votes across the different categories and entries.  In fact, there were over 2,500 users who signed up to use the platform for the voting process as we neared the final hours before the festival.  You can take a look at all of the entries for the different categories and read through the feedback and support given by voters here.


During the day of the festival, our Director of Community Development, Maggie Franz had the pleasure of meeting contestants and voters in person, and explain the different ways that the platform can be leveraged.  After many engaging discussions, presentations, and even a fashion show, it came time for the awards.  Maggie had a chance to thank everyone for their participation and direct them towards the theater for the final event of the day.  While the festival had to select just a few winners, we think that every entrant had an incredible project, and we were thrilled to learn about them all.

Thank you for helping us make the CREATE Festival awards possible this year. We look forward to working with you throughout the year and in the many to come.